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I have had the pleasure of working with Leonore on my own website as well as one that involved a group of 12 individuals. Leonore takes the time to understand what appeals to you in a design, welcomes feedback, provides valuable input on content, responds to all your needs in amazing timeliness and all at a very reasonable cost. Leonore is not only creative with her ideas but also extremely responsive and patient. I would highly recommend Leonore!
Alison Anderson,

“Leonore Johnston is a complete joy to work with. When re-building our website, she was truly focused and she zoned right in on our needs and our vision. Leonore walked us through the process and demonstrated creativity, style, commitment and professionalism every step of the way. Her effectiveness and reliability create an easy working relationship. I highly recommend Kas Media and Leonore Johnston!”

Louisa F. , Private School Principal

“Leonore is extremely competent and professional with a keen eye for detail and a flare for organization, hire her and you will be so glad you did!”
Steve Rose, Visual Artist and Instructor

“[Leonore] is an extremely pleasant and easy person to work with, collaborate with and interact with. Her gentle manner, her professional conduct, her courteousness, and her efficient execution have been a blessing. Unlike many other people that I have had dealings with, Leonore really listens to what the client is asking for and delivers what the client needs.”
Line Dufour, Tapestry Line Unlimited